Where to do it: Nilly Brig on Firhill Road in Ruchill, also sides of Benalder Street Bridge in Kelvinhall

How to do it: The right foot remains on the ground whilst you press up with the left foot that you tuck into the corner. Meanwhile your hands reach out to grip around the lower rim of the wall, then you have enough support to find a good foothold for your right foot in the wall's notches.
When you are suspended you can shuffle with your feet a little bit upwards, to then push up and grab the upper rim of wall. Beware this is a little overhang.
Pull yourself up on the iron balustrade to get on top elegantly. Now feel the shivers of accomplishment running down your back before throwing yourself into the boring
of Ruchill Park-scape.

Care: Afterwards shake 'it' to relax your muscles

Equipment: None

Hazards/risks: Scratching yourself, falling off

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 6